About us

Hi there!

We are Maty and Marten, and we founded Catermonkey in December 2018.

We've known each other for 7 years. Maty was growing his catering businesses in Belgium and was looking for software to help him out. Marten is a software developer who just had developed 'CateringSoftware', a Dutch web-app for catering businesses. For 6 years Maty and his staff were avid users of this system, along with a modest group of catering companies in The Netherlands and Belgium. Maty grew his catering business into various different brands and concepts.

Maty & Marten

As time progressed we've learnt a lot, and we knew that CateringSoftware could be improved upon in various ways. Fortunately, we knew from this experience how our ideal web application would look like. We decided to write a completely new version, from scratch, and put in all the lessons learnt, and start this endeavour together because we knew we could complement each other. And give it a fancier name to boot.

We have enough catering business experience, and software development experience. And the ambition to grow Catermonkey to the leading app in this field!

So that is a very short version of our story. But we are interested in yours! What is your way of working, and would Catermonkey be a fit? Let us know if it is, or isn't!


Maty & Marten