Integrate Catermonkey in your own website

Easily integrate Catermonkey widgets in your website. You can go for a full-fledged webshop, or a nice wizard where you can ask visitors to choose what they want for a price quote. With or without prices, but after each request you will have a concept order in your Catermonkey account. This way you can follow up with a price quote, or just fullfill the order immediately.

Example 1: - wizard

The website shows a wizard where visitors can specify what they want in a price quote.

Example 2: Traiteur & Catering rommens - webshop

The site of Traiteur & Catering Rommens is a full-fledged e-commerce solution in a more classical sense. Visitors can put items in their cart and order directly.

Your own look and feel

Of course we integrate in your website's look and feel. It's a matter of placing a little piece of code in your template. Your webdesigner can help with that, the process is the same as with Google Analytics, something your web designer surely is familiar with. With a little help it's possible to customize colors and fonts to suit your website's style.

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