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Catermonkey too expensive?

The profits of banquet hall and catering de Casteleer

In 2019, Feestzaal en catering de Casteleer was at a crossroads: stick with excel, email and whatsapp or innovate with Catermonkey. Choosing the future transformed not only their business, but also their profits and quality of life.

The numbers speak volumes:

2019 profit


2022 profit


What propelled this impressive growth? Een slimme investering van €3.120 in Catermonkey in 2022, verdeeld over een maandelijks abonnement van €260. Maar laten we ons concentreren op wat echt telt: het rendement.

Incredible efficiency: 2421%!

This is no ordinary investment; it is a smart move that translates to a return of 2421%. For banquet hall and catering de Casteleer, this meant not only improved efficiency, but also a significant increase in their bottom line.

The power of Catermonkey:

Catermonkey brought not only automation, but efficiency. Catermonkey’s catering software has proven that investing in innovation not only results in a smoother business process, but also in a measurable, impressive return on investment.

Also for your business:

Embrace digitization. Be inspired by the success of Feestzaal and catering De Casteleer. It’s not just about software; it’s about a profitable investment in the future of your business. And that in the form of a monthly subscription with no contract or notice period.

Read how De Casteleer recouped their investment more than 25 times over in 2022:

Challenge: from analog labor-intensive processes to digitization

In 2019, Feestzaal en catering de Casteleer faced the challenge of modernizing and digitizing their analog business processes. Manual tasks such as preparing quotations, staff scheduling via WhatsApp, and constantly recreating kitchen lists with Excel were taking up considerable time and limiting efficiency.

Solution: the choice of Catermonkey

De Casteleer decided to take the plunge into digitization and chose Catermonkey as their catering software. The implementation began by automating administrative tasks, including the process from quote to invoice. They then integrated Catermonkey with their website, resulting in a partially automated and digitized sales process all the way through to invoicing.

Profit: €86,737
Profit: €86,737

2019 - Analog Era

  • Manual quotations after customer visit
  • Staff scheduling via WhatsApp
  • Excel for calculations
  • Manual label insertion and printing
  • Manual kitchen lists

2020 - Digitalization of administrative processes

  • Implementation Catermonkey
  • Quote to invoice automated
  • More efficient internal processes

2020 - Digitalization of sales process

  • Website linking with Catermonkey
  • Customers compose their own quotes on the website
  • Fast quote processing by Catermonkey
Profit: €322,749
Profit: €322,749

2022 - First year post-corona

  • Strong growth attributed to digitization
  • Improved quality of life for business owners

Financial benefit:

Financial benefit: In 2022, they reached a profit of €322,749.

Return on investment:

To calculate the return, we take the profit growth due to digitization (€322,749 – €86,737) and divide it by the total investment in Catermonkey over the period (3 years x €3120).

Rendement(322.74986.737 – (3120 x 3)3120×3)×100




So the return on investment over three years in Catermonkey, just for the year 2022, for Feestzaal and catering de Casteleer is about 2421%.


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