1. Making your website a sales machine

The optimal customer experience online

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2. Generate more and better leads

Your website a 24/7 sales manager

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3. Streamlining applications

Respond to requests faster and more efficiently

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2. Quotes and invoices

Without cutting and pasting.

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3. Buy smarter

Without calculating anything yourself.

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4. Schedule your staff

Know who works where and when.

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5. Control the kitchen

Smart make lists flow from your quotations.

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6. Link your accounting software

Never retype invoice lines again

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6. Digitize your brochure

You know the drill, you have a brochure prepared and a few months later the prices are actually out of date.

A party brochure is still a useful marketing tool – provided your online story is right, and the customer composes that offer on your website.

You then simply show the prices on your site, or keep them hidden.

Placing a QR code on your brochure is enough to send the reader to your website.

And from there, your sales machine takes over.

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And there’s more to boost your sales

Quotation indicator tool

Put our quote indicator tool on your website. The customer can thus easily compose the part of the total price that is in his own hands then and sees in real-time a price indication for his party or event.

Online webshop

If you have a Christmas menu or party offerings that can be ordered directly online, then you can have direct payment online. All dishes or menus listed in your account can be ordered online. Easy peasy in just a few moments online.

Optimal customer experience

Put your customer in the driver’s seat and let them put together a quote at their own pace and wishes through your website. Nice and easy and transparent for the customer. Afterwards, it becomes even easier for you to bring in that lead!

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