1. Making your website a sales machine

The optimal customer experience online

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2. Generate more and better leads

Your website a 24/7 sales manager

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3. Streamlining applications

Respond to requests faster and more efficiently

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1. A better overview

And clear your head.

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2. Quotes and invoices

Without cutting and pasting.

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3. Buy smarter

Without calculating anything yourself.

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4. Schedule your staff

Know who works where and when.

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5. Control the kitchen

Smart make lists flow from your quotations.

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6. Link your accounting software

Never retype invoice lines again

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1. All in all

All kinds of information in different places, mailboxes, folders, Word files, … and paper.


You want everything to be in one place – in the cloud. Because then you have automatic backups and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Besides, you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time, and so will your colleagues.

2. Quick and easy invoicing

Of course, as a caterer, you want nothing more than satisfied customers and successful events.

But you don’t want to waste valuable time preparing quotes and invoices. Still, you want customization; even in your quotations.

Catermonkey understands that, and brings the optimal method with personal touches.


3. Buy what you need

Discarded food has never been so expensive…And calculating what you need is always a daunting task. Of one thing too short, and another too much, we all know it.

With Catermonkey, you easily create a recipe database that calculates all purchases for you, incl. foodcost and margin.



4. Make tasks transferable

As a party professional, you often have a lot of information about parties and menus in your head or written on a post-it somewhere. However, this can lead to miscommunication when coordinating and delegating tasks to your team.

Leading your dream team well with an automatic playbook makes tasks transferable. And works just a little better than Whatsapp. 😉


5. Better input for your kitchen

Your chef – maybe it’s you yourself – is at the heart of your business, and should know exactly what needs to be made.

Streamlining that is very labor intensive.

No longer!

6. Easy integrations

You bill from Catermonkey, because it actually rolls out that way. Then all it has to do is enter your accounts.

With links to popular third-party accounting software, you will receive a much lower bill from your accountant.

We will help you!

The above situations are streamlined by digitizing processes with the all-in-one sales and organization tool specifically for the catering and event industry.

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