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Catering trends 2024: How Catermonkey is leading innovation

The catering industry never stands still, especially when it comes to trends shaping the industry. From sustainability to event personalization to technological advances, these trends are influencing how caterers offer and manage their services. Catermonkey, an industry-leading software solution, plays a crucial role in how caterers respond to these trends. Here’s a look at some of the key trends and Catermonkey’s influence.

Sustainability: Smarter Purchasing

One significant trend is the shift toward sustainability. Caterers are striving to reduce their carbon footprint by buying smarter and more correctly. Catermonkey facilitates this by helping caterers accurately calculate quantities needed, leading to less food waste and overstock. This approach also allows caterers to purchase later, reducing the need for extensive storage and refrigeration. This contributes not only to a more sustainable operation but also to significant cost savings.

Personalization of Events

The demand for personalized events is growing steadily. Customers seek unique experiences specifically tailored to their wants and needs. Catermonkey supports this trend by enabling caterers to be flexible and responsive. Online quote tools allow customers to build their own catering needs, which helps caterers provide a customized service. This process not only saves time by often eliminating trips to customers, but also allows more time for real personal contact. Caterers can focus on listening to their customers and refining event personalization.

Technological Innovations

Technology remains the backbone of progress in the catering industry. Catermonkey is leading the way with innovations that simplify operations. From advanced planning tools to integrations with financial software, Catermonkey’s technology enables more efficient management of catering orders. This enables caterers to adapt to the rapidly changing market and exceed customer expectations.


The catering industry is constantly evolving, driven by trends such as sustainability, personalization and technological innovation. Catermonkey assists caterers in meeting these challenges and transforming them into opportunities. Through smarter sourcing, facilitating personalized events, and delivering cutting-edge technology, Catermonkey provides the tools needed for caterers to succeed in 2024 and beyond. It’s time to not only keep up with these trends, but stay ahead of them, with Catermonkey as your partner in innovation.

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