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*** The Catermonkey ExPress ***

Catermonkey, a personal success story going around the world

Catermonkey, the leading web application offering caterers a revolutionary solution to administrative tasks, is proud to announce its global launch. Based in Lemmer, Friesland, Catermonkey has a unique origin story that highlights the power of cooperation and perseverance.

Catermonkey, the leading web application that provides caterers with a solution for administrative tasks and online sales, is proud to announce its global launch. Based in Lemmer, Friesland, Catermonkey has a unique origin story that highlights the power of cooperation and perseverance.

The story begins years ago, when CEO Maty Van Geirt was determined to find a solution to the challenges he faced as a caterer. After searching deep in Google’s search results, Maty discovered, somewhere on the 50th page, a link that would change his life. There he found the key to his vision and discovered Marten Systema, a skilled Dutch software developer.

After years of being Marten’s clients, Maty and Marten finally found each other in person in The Hague. What began as a meeting with the same question blossomed into a partnership that marked the birth of Catermonkey in 2019. This is more than just an application success story; it is a testament of two individuals, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses, who complement each other in a way that becomes a global success.

Catermonkey sets itself apart by reducing administrative tasks for caterers and banquet halls by up to 70%, eliminating the traditional use of Excel, Word and fragmented systems. The sales process has also been significantly simplified by the integration of caterers’ web pages with their Catermonkey accounts, which means that customers can now partially compile their own quotes on the caterers’ websites.

The implementation of Catermonkey.com is more than just an operational improvement; it is a gamechanger for catering companies worldwide. Numerous success stories show that companies have doubled their sales and multiplied their profits after implementing Catermonkey.com. The system not only provides efficiency in administrative tasks, but also transforms overall business performance.

With an eye on globalization and a growing international demand for efficient catering software, Catermonkey.com will make its services available worldwide from February 2024. The web app will be available in four languages: Dutch, English, French and German. This expansion marks not only a milestone for Catermonkey, but also for the unique journey Maty and Marten took to make this innovation a reality.

Maty Van Geirt, co-founder of Catermonkey, enthusiastically stated, “This is not just a business success, but a personal triumph of perseverance and cooperation. We have shown that two individuals, each with their strengths and weaknesses, can achieve something great together.”

The global launch of Catermonkey is just the beginning of a new chapter for the catering software industry. “This is not all,” promises Catermonkey. Prepare for a journey to efficiency, innovation and limitless success born of the unique synergy between two visionaries.

For more information about Catermonkey and its services, please visit www.catermonkey.com

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