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Press Release: Catermonkey, from the Belgian Kempen to the World – Innovative Catering Software Makes Furore in Home Market and Beyond

Catermonkey, the leading web application offering caterers a revolutionary solution to administrative tasks, is proud to announce its global launch. Based in Lemmer, Friesland, Catermonkey has a special connection to the Kempen, Belgium, home of CEO Maty Van Geirt, who has founded several successful catering concepts, including Hapjes & Co, Fingerfood Truck and Streetfood Festival.

In 2010, Marten Systema, CTO from Lemmer, Netherlands, and Maty Van Geirt, CEO with roots in the Kempen, Belgium, joined forces to create Catermonkey.com. Maty, with his extensive experience in the Kempen, has transformed the local catering scene and introduced Catermonkey’s innovative software to caterers in the region. The result is remarkable: more caterers in the Belgian Kempen now work with Catermonkey than ever before.

With catering concepts such as Hapjes & Co, Fingerfood Truck and Streetfood Festival, Maty Van Geirt has not only made a culinary mark on the Kempen, but has also paved the way for a revolution in the way caterers run their businesses. Catermonkey sets itself apart by reducing administrative tasks for caterers and banquet halls by up to 70%, and it is now considered the driving force behind the success of many caterers in the Kempen region.

The implementation of Catermonkey is more than just an operational improvement; it is a gamechanger for catering companies in the Kempen region. Numerous success stories show that companies have doubled their sales and multiplied their profits after implementing Catermonkey.com. The system not only provides efficiency in administrative tasks, but also transforms overall business performance.

With an eye on globalization and a growing international demand for efficient catering software, Catermonkey.com will make its services available worldwide from February 2024. The web app will be available in four languages: Dutch, English, French and German. This expansion marks a milestone not only for Catermonkey, but also for caterers in the Kempen region who are already familiar with the benefits of this innovative software.

Maty Van Geirt, co-founder of Catermonkey, enthusiastically stated, “Our journey began in the Kempen region, and it is heartening to see how Catermonkey has strengthened the local catering community. We are determined to share the successes we have seen here around the world.”

The global launch of Catermonkey is just the beginning of a new chapter for the catering software industry, with Kempen as the sparkling starting point. “This is not all,” promises Catermonkey. Prepare for a journey to efficiency, innovation and boundless success, straight from the Kempen.

For more information about Catermonkey and its services, please visit www.catermonkey.com

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